Consultation and Training

  • Full day training, 1200+
  • Half day training, 600
  • Keynote address, 800

Fees may vary depending on agency needs, number of trainers needed to carry out the request, and preparation time required. 


  • Initial phone consultations (10-15 minutes) are free.
  • Standard fee is $120 per 55 minute session. Sliding scale options available upon request. Health related social work services are HST exempt.
  • Patients are billed at the end of each session and can pay per session or monthly. MasterCard and Visa payments are accepted through Square Reader.
  • Please note that if you miss your appointment without providing at least 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the entire session.

Surgery planning sessions

  • Initial phone consultations (10-15 minutes) are free.
  • Standard fee: $60 per 55 minute session
  • Administration fee, including letter writing: $60 flat rate.

Clinical Supervision & consultation

  • Individual supervision
    $120 per 55min session

  • New clinician rate
    $90 per 55min session

  • Group supervision
    $180 per 90min session